Whether your business model is to sell a product, offer a
service or acquire new email subscribers, our team applies
the best practices in order to maximize the effectiveness
of your online marketing activities.
Marketing Growth

Why choose us?

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Focus on cost-effective customer acquisition
ROI-driven ecommerce marketing
A/B and multivariate testing
Analytical and quantitative approach
Accent background.

Our specialty

Email marketing
Search engine optimization
Paid search and product
listing advertising
Social Media
Facebook and Instagram advertising
Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital
marketing channels in omnichannel business.

Not only does it increase conversions and online revenue with the
highest ROI, but it also promotes brand awareness
and customer engagement.
Email marketing.

Email marketing

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Our team delivers best-in-class email
solutions and services, such as:

Email marketing strategy and
customer acquisition plan
Email template design and optimization
tailored towards brand's needs
Content creation within the
editorial calendar
Lifecycle email
A/B and multivariate
Campaign analysis and sophisticated
actionable reporting



Search engine optimization (SEO)

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SEO is a very important piece of any eCommerce marketing strategy. Having an SEO-optimized website means that the site is easily accessible by search engines, includes relevant content and keywords, and is ranked highly in the organic results of various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Starting with comprehensive on-page and off-page audit of the website, Omnycode will analyze the competition, identify the most suitable strategic approach of SEO implementation, and apply the best practices in keyword research, relevant content creation and proactive link-building.

Omnycode's Local Search Optimization team is capable of improving organic search results of localized search queries. This works perfectly for businesses who rely heavily on local demand and/or consumers.
Paid search.

Paid search and product listing advertising

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Omnycode offers high-quality ROAS-oriented
managed services,which consist of:

Paid search
program set-up
Google product
listing ads
Ongoing management of campaigns,
ads and keywords
Competitive analysis bidding on relevant
competitors' keywords
Facebook and
Instagram advertising


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